Injectable solution

Each 100 mL contains:
Dexamethasone base 0.2 g
Excipients 100 mL

Dexamethasone is a glucocorticoid used for the treatment of metabolic diseases in ruminants and general inflammatory processes in bovines, sheep, goats, equines, dogs and felines.
Dexamic is indicated as a primary or supplementary treatment of dermatitis, urticaria, bursitis, tendinitis, arthritis, anaphylactic shock, mastitis, hyper-sensitivity reactions, ketosis and other symptoms responding to the administration of corticosteroids.

Withdrawal period:
Meat: 5 days.
Milk: 5 days.
Except in emergency cases, do not use in patients with chronic nephritis and hyperadrenocorticism (Cushing syndrome). Polydipsia, polyphagia and polyuria have been observed in dogs after the administration of glucocorticoids. When glucocorticoids are administered to young animals for prolonged periods, they may reduce the growth rate.
Use with precaution in case of Diabetes, Osteoporosis or Congestive Heart Failure. Important: the administration of corticosteroids at advanced pregnancy may cause premature labour with dystocia, fetal death, placenta retention and metritis.

Route of administration:
Parenteral route: IM, SC or IV, with the correct asepsis measures corresponding to the application of injections.

Each ml of product contains 2 mg of Dexamethasone.
Recommended doses as anti-inflammatory:
Bovine, sheep and goats: 5 – 20 mg (2.5 – 10 ml)
Equine: 2.5 – 5 mg (1.25 – 2.5 ml)
Canine: 0.25 – 1 mg (0.12 – 0.5 ml)
Feline: 0.125 – 0.5 mg (0.06 – 0.25 ml)
The dose may be increased and/or repeated according to Veterinarian’s discretion (shock, post-traumatic neurological syndromes, hypersensitivity reactions, etc.) and desired effect, clinical symptoms, species and category of animal to be treated.

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