Target species:

Withdrawal period:
The waiting period for meat is 122 days.
Its use is not recommended in dairy bovine in production. In the dry period, it is recommended to give the last dose 122 days before calving.

Route of administration and dosage:
Shake for one minute before dosing, maintaining a certain frequency of agitation in the course of the dosages.
*1 ml every 50 kg of body weight by subcutaneous injection.
The formulation contains Ivermectin 3.15%, which assures a dosage equivalent to 630 mcg per kg of body weight.
Doses interval between: 5 to 7 weeks against gastrointestinal and pulmonary nematodes; 70 to 100 days against ticks and bernese. Only one application is enough against psoroptic mange infestations; repeat 20 days later if necessary

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