Endectocide with vitamins for
Bovine, Ovine, Goat, Swine and Equine.
Injectable solution

Each 100 mL contains:
Ivermectin 1.1 g
Vitamin A Palmitate 5.000.000 U.I.
Vitamin E Acetate 1.000 U.I.
Vitamin D3 40.000 U.I.
Excipients q.s.ad. 100 mL

Injectable endectocide with vitamins for bovine, ovine, goat, swine and equine.
Ivermectin association with vitamins A, D3 and E helps the basal and functional maintenance of animal organism, incorporating elements necessary for this, which are generally unbalanced by the parasitic damage.

Withdrawal period:
Meat: 35 days.
Do not use in lactating female.
Do not administer 28 days before calving.

Route of administration:
Subcutaneous injection in lax skin areas.

Bovine, ovine, goat and equine: *1 mL every 50 kg live weight (equivalent to 220 mcg of Ivermectin, 1000 U.I. of Vitamin A Palmitate, 8 U.I. of Vitamin D3 and 0.2 U.I. of Vitamin E per kg body weight).
Swine: *1 mL every 33 kg live weight (equivalent to 300 mcg/kg live weight).

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