For dogs and cats
Caramel Flavor

Each 100 mL contains:
Fenbendazole…………… 5.0 g
Praziquantel…………….. 0.5 g
Pyrantel Pamoate……… 0.5 g

Indications :
Broad spectrum parasiticide for dogs and felines, against mature and immature forms of nematodes and cestodes.

Target species:
Dogs and cats; adults and puppies/kittens.

Route of administration :
Oral administration, use syringe.

1 mg per kg body weight. It is recommended to repeat the dose every 15-21 days, period that may be modified according to veterinarian’s discretion. For animals younger than one year old repeat the dose calculated according to weight at 24 and 48 hours. Take into consideration that deworming of puppies is essential for their physical and immunological development.
Vermic total is very well tolerated.
It is not necessary to take dietary measures, or to eliminate the ration to animals.

As it contains pyrantel pamoate, it is not recommended its use in combination with morantel, levamisole or piperazine.
Limitations of use: administer to puppies and kittens older than one month and 45 days old, respectively. In case of pregnant females, the administration is recommended after 50 days of gestation. Do not use in weakened or stressed animals.

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